Episode 10 - Controlled Insanity Join Quint, Sam and special guest, Scarfinger as they discuss life in a small town, their Christmas haul and ways the gaming companies can improve themselves. See why Q hates George Lucas' insane method of counting Star Wars sequels and MOST Tarentino movies and why Scarfinger doesn't care about Bluray. There's way too much to go into, so listen for yourselves. Think of this episode as a paint-by-numbers kit with no instructions.
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GWC - The Black Hand Side, Vol. 1 The debut episode of The Black Hand Side, a GWC offshoot featuring Sam and Scarfinger. In our first outing we are joined by Charles "CZA" Sweet, hip hop journalist and motivational author. Please enjoy.
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Episode 9 - A Geek Hope In this episode Sam talks about his profound thoughts while watching Kobe/Lebron commercials. Q talks about why he hates Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Sam talks about how much he loves the city of Houston (sarcasm). Then the guys discuss how the HD era is killing the movie business. Sam reveals the origin of geekswithcolor.com. Other discussions include: Trending Topic hatred, getting yelled at over the phone at work, and getting threatened over the phone at school. Join us for the debauchery!
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