Episode 13 - Mass Effect Pimpin'

In this episode Bluemanrule and Vic Joe from Open Forum Radio join the fellas for some good times. Topics of discussion are: Mass Effect, RPG's, the 3D revolution, memories of the Dreamcast and a good old fashion chat about the PS3 and its lack of backward compatibility. So sit a spell, grab some of that vodka and listen to the Open Forum Geeks With Color mashup! Oh, and stay after the credits because we have a special treat for you.

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Episode 12 - 100lbs of Food

In this backlogged episode, the fellas talk about Oregon Trail, Bret Hart's return to the WWE, disturbing late night TV commercials from the late '90s and early '00s. Also, Q describes his love of Bangkok Dangerous, Hulk Hogan's return to wrestling and thoughts on Dennis Stamp. Enjoy. Ending bumper is from the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack.

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Episode 11 - Trois'-Light

In yet another of our backlogged adventures, we here at Geeks With Color would like to apologize beforehand for our ranting and raving about a 10 year old movie that 5 people saw in theaters and has become a ghetto cult classic. Yes, friends, in this episode we talk about the movie that Gary Dourdan would like you to forget, as well as the movie that was the highlight of Kenya Moore's acting career....Trois'!


Again...we're sorry.

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