Episode 20 - Mike Haggar For Mayor

Due to technical difficulties, this is a shortened episode. Heck, we'll just ouright admit it, we lost a portion of the audio. So what you're getting is some UFO talk, more Final Fantasy XIII talk, a brief discussion about the '80s crap movie Masters of the Universe, and finally we end with an abridged complaint about the recent XBLA release of the classic beat em' up: Final Fight. Enjoy. And dammit... we're sorry!

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Episode 19 - Matt Striker Moments

In this return episode, the fellas introduce a brand new theme song. They also talk a little Battlefield: Bad Company II, then they give a recap of Wrestlemania XXVI, full of Matt Striker moments, and then we talk a little TNA Wrestling. Also, we have a special clip of Tamara from thatgirlssite.com giving us a little behind the scenes look at PAX East. We end with Q ranting and raving about Final Fantasy XIII and its many weird and wimpy characters. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone! Oh, and we have to give a shout out to iFester for hooking us up with a brand new logo.

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Episode 18 - Carcasm

In this quickie incomplete episode, Sam makes a return from the comfy confines of an automobile. He is joined by Scarfinger, while Q is M.I.A. out in the sticks. We talk about Lean on Me, 21 Jump Street, and a plethora of other quick topics. Again, this episode was incomplete thanks to some shoddy internet on both ends. Thank you for your patronage. Leave us an iTunes review. 

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