Episode 23 - I'm on a Tauntaun

Rejoice! The geeks with color are back, this time we're Q-less, as Sam and Mark are joined by the Puff Daddy and Mase of the podcast world, Scarfinger and Soldier X. We talk some about recent video games and the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. Also, Scarfinger holds an Avataravention for Sam after his recent purchase of a tauntaun on the avatar marketplace. Join us for the fun! 

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Episode 22 - Willy Wonka and the Iron Geek

The next episode of the Geeks With Color podcast! (Rejoice)

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Do The Kimbo! Pt. 2

More Kimbo talk from the four guys that brought you the first edition. Samuel, Quint, Scarfinger and The Prophet 209. Enjoy!

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Episode 21 - FTW!

In the 21st episode of the Geeks With Color podcast, we are once again Q-less. But have no fear, gentle listener! We've brought in TheProphet209 from GeeksFTW podcast. We talk about an array of things from X-Men comics to Batman the 1989 classic, all the way up to some Gears of War 2 talk. So have a ball with the Geeks With Color.

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