Episode 26 - Too Damn Selfish

In this episode, Sam & Quint go at it alone to do battle with the forces of wrestling past. They discuss the events of the 1994 Royal Rumble, as well as talk shop about Rock N Rolla, and then Q goes into the good and bad parts about Megan Man 10. Break music is The Narcissist theme music from the Sega Genesis version of the Royal Rumble video game. Enjoy!

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Episode 25 - The Geek Runner

In this abridged episode we talk about the latest games we've been playing, and we also delve into a couple of movies, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, and The Kite Runner. We apologize in advance for this shortened episode. Sorry about that!

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Episode 24 - Sweep The Leg

Sam and Mark talk about the Karate Kid, the original and the remake, some video game talk, and we get into the tv show Breaking Bad. A decent hour of podcasting is had by all! 

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