In this episode, Sam and Quint talk some Lebron James and Dan Gilbert beef, more of Q's weird road stories, Wrestlemania: The Album, and the problem with The Last Airbender. Break music is from the NES Die Hard game. We then go into a bit of world history and colonization! We also answer some Formspring questions! Sam also talks about stalking Amber Fox on Twitter, while Ashanti Blaize breathes a sigh of relief because he is no longer stalking her. Thanks for listening! 


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Episode 28 - Way Down in the Hole

In this episode, Sam and Mark talk a little NBA, Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Then they are joined by our friend, Big Pimpin' aka Harold. We talk about The Wire season 3. Spoilers abound! And that's all for this week. Break music is from the Sega Genesis Ghostbusters game. 

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Episode 27 - Mel Gibson's Gynecomastia

Sam, Quint and Mark ramble on about movies, Mel Gibson's racism and Tom Cruise and his wackiness. Also, Robbie Jo from the TAGers podcast joins us for a quick segment. The guys talk about video games, Mass Effect 2, getting your grind on in Gears of War 2 and a little Transformers: WFC. Also, there is some wrestling talk sprinkled around here and there. 

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