Episode 33 - Tamara Never Sleeps

In this episode of the Geeks With Color Podcast, Tamara from Thatgirlssite.com joins us yet again for more madness. This time we talk about the new Resident Evil movie, Mass Effect 2 DLC, dirty Japanese import Xbox games, Yakuza and a little movie called Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.Also, we have the first ever live Xbox friending in the history of podcasting. Bartles & Jaymes everyone!

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Episode 32 - Oh, Hai Podcast

In this episode we talk about a slew of things including Machete, Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, Halo: Reach, Takers. The first twenty minutes we have a guest, THE xxAceBlackxx from Xbox Live. Later, we are joined by Frank Daniel and we delve into some talk about Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, The Room. Join us!  

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GWC Special Edition - The Finger Salute

On this very special edition of Geeks With Color, Sam has a one on one conversation with the wife of GWC's most outspoken brother, Scarfinger. Join us as we discuss outdated school disciplines, early 90s music and movies that depress us all. Fun for the entire family!

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