Episode 41 - Kentucky Fried Chocobo

In this episode the guys discuss Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fable and Rock Band 3, The NFL Conference Finals, and some mindless babbling. Later they are joined by friend of the podcast Frank Daniel. They touch on a myriad of topics including Bob's Burgers, Five Guys, and they touch on some Simpsons knowledge. All this and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chocobo!

Opening Music: Negrosaki - Does 8 Bit
Break Music: Akua Naru - The Backflip
Closing Music: Trent Reznor - In Motion


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Episode 40 - Ass Rabbits Riding Chickens

DC Universe
Q's technology battle
A little sports talk
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Jason Statham and British actors using American accents
More Harry Hines hookers
The man with the million dollar voice
Black Swan
Real Basketball Bad Girls Hookers Club
Downloadable games
Tony Riali the Stat Boy
Sherry says something utterly disturbing
The Color Purple on Blu-Ray

Opening music: Kanye West - Good Life
Break music: Nick Cave - There is a light
Closing music: Cee lo Green - Fuck You!

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Episode 39 - The James & John Show

Our final episode of 2010. Today we talk about Ninja Assassin, or best and worst of 2010, and a little bit of Dallas Cowboys talk. Also, there will be tangents aplenty. And for the record, Q says that he will do the Alex Wright dance if he achieves all of his goals for 2011. Opening music is Malayisha by Miriam Makeba. Break music is Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals. Closing music is Sussudio by Phil Collins.

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