Episode 43 - Don't Give Up

In this episode Sam & Quint are joined by the newest member of the Geeks FTW podcast, Mr. Henry Knox. We discuss the classic Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell match at the 1998 King of the Ring, and the impression it had on us, and also whether or not it's still relevant to this day. After that we get into some general wrestling chatter, and then we take it to some Marvel vs Capcom 3 talk, as well as Knox telling us about his love for JRPGs and how Japan needs to get it together gaming wise.

Break music is "Candice" by Prosthetik Intelligentz. You can find them on their tumblr page: http://ezziebthatsme.tumblr.com/


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Episode 42 - The Snow Cast

In this episode Sam is snowed in and Q is snowed out. The fellas talk about Sam's strange habit of actually wanting to watch the movie on a date, Q choking on cheese sticks, the directorial debut of one of Sam's co-workers, rolling blackouts and the rapture, the Royal Rumble, and the games of 2011 that Sam and Q are looking forward to the most. Oh, and the complete awesomeness that is... La Parka Punch.

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