In this episode of Geeks with Color, Sam and Quint talk about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song, Stone Cold Steve Austin crashing Monday Night Raw, Tammy Lynn Sytch being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Dragon Age II, and a plethora of other mini topics. Also, Tamara from drops in with a little something from Pax East.

Opening theme: Negrosaki does 8-bit
Closing theme: Exposé - Seasons Change

You can contact Sam & Quint via Twitter: @imonahorse and @bomberman61 respectively. Or you can also email the show:

Bartles & Jaymes.

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Episode 44 - The Winning Cast

In this episode Sam, Q and Mark The Prophet talk about the Elimination Chamber PPV, Bulletstorm and Marvel VS Capcom 3. In between we get into some mini rants about Stone Cold vs The Rock, Chris Jericho's botched debut, and funny things we did in church as kids.

Opening clip: The Three Amigos (1986)
Opening theme: Negrosaki does 8-bit
Break music: Gradius theme music
Closing theme: Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time

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