Episode 61 - Technical Writer

In this extra long episode, the GWC guys ramble about WWE stuff, technical writing, Skyrim, Sonic Generations, more frustrations with SNK games, and Tim Tebow hatred. Join us for our Thanksgiving feast of an episode!

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Episode 60 - Cracked Claws and Broken Antlers

In this episode, we talk about the Rangers losing the World Series. Q finally goes Blu-Ray, and then delivers a mild Tim Tebow rant. Sam talks about Friday Night Lights, and then Q goes on about his recent trip to video games past. Sam talks about the Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart DVD set, and then both guys get down to talking about upcoming holiday games including Skyrim.

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GWC Mini Cast

Sam and Scar touch on three topics, which include Saints Row: The Third, Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3, and the GTA: V trailer. 

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The GWC talk about some Halloween goodness. Also we bring up classic WCW Halloween Havoc matches of olden days.

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