Episode 64 - Eye Warship Netflix

In this episode the geeks are joined by Tamara from Thatgirlsite.com. She comes clean about her Netflix addiction, then goes on to not only slander The New Girl, but also spews venom about Whitney.Then the group delves into other bad TV shows including Allen Gregory, Playboy Club, Old Adventures of New Christine, Hawaii Five-O, and Glee. After which Tamara challenges the guys to watch American Horror Story.

Then the trio discuss the new Muppets movie. After the break they discuss mozzarella sticks, Hooters, and Sam hips everyone to a place called Ojos Locos. Then Q delves into the new WWE 12 video game.

Tamara talks to us about Super Mario 3DS, and Dance Central 2. The group wraps things up with a GWC giveaway: Leave an iTunes review from the day the show is released up until the next episode. You have one week! We'll choose a winner at random.

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Intro music: Negrosaki - Negrosaki Does 8-Bit
Break music: Palette Swap Ninjas - Three Red Lights (One Headlight parody)
Closing music: 光吉猛修 - Working Man (From the Shenmue soundtrack)

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Episode 63 - Maniacal Laugh!

This week Q is MIA again, which leaves Sam to scour the internet for someone to record with. He resurfaced and brought along with him Harrison Milfeld from the GameShoe Podcast, and Mark The Prophet. They talk about sports, particularly the Albert Pujols situation, along with some Texas Rangers stuff and sports fanaticism. Later they get into some social media trolling, which includes stalking people on 4square, Yelp, and YouTube. Mark then comes on the podcast to discuss the latest happenings in the WWE, along with favorite older wrestling games. Oh, and some Chris Benoit jokes to boot. The guys then talk about journalism and how newspapers will survive into the next century. Some Skyward Sword and Skyrim talk. The guys then round it out with some talk about the new Muppets movie. 

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Sam @imonahorse
Mark @theprophet209
Harrison @hmilfeld

Harrison's site: http://www.gameshoe.net


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Episode 62 - Harakiri

The geeks talk about racism at Denny's, Nate Newton's Grandy's adventures, The APA, and Q goes in emo Drake. Sam then goes on a rant about LiveJournal being taken over by Russian hackers. The fellas then go on some WWE talk. They round up the show by talking about the new Muppets movie, and Skyrim. 

Break music - Brian McKnight featuring Tone from The Trackmasters, and Kobe Bryant - Hold Me (Remix)

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