Episode 73 - Nolan Ryan's Boomstick

In this episode the geeks talk about Yokozuna going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Cosby vs The Cosby Show, Troy Aikman cosigning on Tony Romo, Ready Player One, the 26 dollar Boomstick hot dog at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and MLB The Show: 12.

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Episode 72 - FemShep and Measuring Tape

In this episode the geeks are joined by Mark The Prophet. The guys then talk Mass Effect, Skyrim, the TMNT reboot, Georgetown basketball, Miyamoto's OCD measuring, Suburgatory, and From Paris with Love. Come for the laughs, stay for the snide remarks.

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Episode 71 - Tours with Tamara

In this episode of the Geeks With Color Podcast, the guys are joined by Tamara from thatgirlssite.com. The crew talks about Mass Effect 3, Sega Dreamcast hauls, TV shows including How I Met Your Mother, The New Girl, and Luther. The show wraps up with general food talk the way it's done whenever Tamara visits. Also, Tweet the fellas for your chance to win a brand new copy of Gunstringer for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Tweet I WANT GUNSTRINGER to either @imonahorse or @bomberman61.

Tamara's website = http://www.thatgirlssite.com
GGR website = http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Break music: Anomie Bell - How Can I Be Sure (From the Alan Wake Soundtrack)

Email the show: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61 @Videogamegirl

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Episode 70 - Genghis Mike

In this episode the geeks talk about Mass Effect, some IOS games, and Saints Row: The Third. They then delve into some sports talk where they ponder whether or not Michael Jordan and Shawn Michaels legacy would still be cemented had they not returned to their respective sport. Afterwards, some wrestling talk is abound, and then the show closes with more on the Lamar Odom saga. Join the show, listen in and leave an iTunes review.

Intro Music:     Negrosaki - Negrosaki Does 8-Bit
Break Music:    Del Rio - Super Mega Worm Remix. Daft Punk featuring The Glitch Mob - Derezzed Remix.
Closing Music - Osamu Murata - Working Man

Email the show: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61

Join the GGR community at http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

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