In this episode the Geeks are joined by Classick Materia from the Cold Slither Podcast Network. They talk about Brock Lesnar, Racist Vince McMahon, both Nick & Jake Johnson, as well as Let's Be Cops. The guys then delve in Keke Palmer and the latest happenings in Ferguson, MO. Finally, Classick goes on a mini-rant about how the Ice Bucket Challenge is merely a distraction from bigger issues going on today. Check it out, download the show and give us a listen. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone!

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Recorded at the end of July, 2014.

The Geeks With Color talk about the summer sports lull, how bad Godzilla 98 was, the 89-90 Detroit Pistons, Sam’s awful paperboy, TMNT 2014, Transformers 4, Fight Club 2, Brock Lesnar, people won’t leave CM Punk alone, Sting in WWE, casting Legends’ House season 2, the New Nation, Seth Rollins 6 minute fight with Dean Ambrose, and Sonic’s dollar hot dogs.

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In this episode the geeks talk about race relations in the Star Wars universe, Ron Glass and the New Odd Couple, Scandal and Big Poppa Pope, The SFA Lumberjacks defeating VCU. tales from 80s sitcoms, and the Dallas Cowboys releasing Demarcus Ware. Join us for the hilarity!

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In this episode Sam & Quint talk about the WWE Network, Almost Famous, ROH in San Antonio, Fable Anniversary, and a peculiar song that has hit the Internet. Join us! 

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Episode 105 - Red Yawn

In this episode the geeks talk about Q's backlog, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Sam's $5.00 Blu-Ray haul, and the WWE Network. Join us for this exciting episode. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone.

Break Music: Simple Minds - Alive & Kicking

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Episode 104 - Hill Harper's Revenge

The geeks are officially back! After some technical difficulties Sam and Quint have returned to the world of podcasting. Please enjoy this episode we recorded in late November. And be on the lookout for a brand new episode very, very soon. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone.

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