Episode 100

In this episode the geeks discuss Royal Rumble predictions, Oliver Platt's illustrious career, the Te'o debacle, Tazz turns heel, watching porn in front of other people, and Q's imaginary snow storm. Join us for the fun of episode 100!

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Episode 99 - Documentaries about Anything

In this episode, Samuel is joined by Tamara from thatgirlssite.com They talk about a bevy of topics including How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock vs Elementary, Escaping Hurricane Sandy, and Breaking Bad season 5. Join us for the fun! 

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Episode 98 - Crispy Cow

In this episode Sam and Quint talk about how to not be an internet smark, will killing used games lead to the second gaming apocalypse, and a bevy of other topics. Join us!

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Q - @bomberman61

Outro music - Out of this World theme song

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GWC Christmas Episode 2012

In this episode Sam is riding solo. He talks about Christmas movies, music, and moments in Christmas wrestling. 

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Episode 97 - Hobbit Problems

In this episode, Mark Scott from the Ramble On Podcast joins the show. We talk about fast food problems, The Hobbit, Star Trek trailer, Ghost Problems, and a bunch of other things. Join us for the fun!

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Episode 96 - No Ammo For You

In this countdown to 100, the geeks are joined by the Finger family, Scar and Sherry.

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Episode 95 - Oldstagram

In this episode the geeks are joined by the lovely Tatiana King. Topics of discussion are Hurricane Sandy, Apple Maps, Skyfall, Tatiana at Comic Con, and Surivivor Series speculation. Join us all for the fun!

Follow us on Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Q - @bomberman61 Tatiana - @tatianaking

Bartles & Jaymes

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Episode 94 - Holy Ghost Weenie Roast

In this episode the Geeks are joined by Frankenroc as they discuss Office Space, state of the WWE divas division, Jeff Hardy's inner monologue, Jake Lloyd, Disney buys Lucas Film, the Holy Ghost Weenie Roast, Trick or Treat on Main St, and a few other various random topics. Join us for the hilarity!

Sam's Twitter: @imonahorse Q's Twitter: @bomberman61 Frank's Twitter: @Frankenroc

Break music: The Cardigans - Lovefool

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Episode 93 - Hurdling Lance Henriksen

In this episode Samuel talks about his adventures at Fan Days 2012, then Q talks about Sleeping Dogs. The rest of the show consists of the two geeks and their usual ramblings. Join the fun! Only on Geeks With Color Podcast

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Episode 92 - Chicken Mannn

In this episode the geeks talk about a bevvy of topics including Q joining the swole patrol, Chicken Mannn scoring that Walter White, Cruel Intentions, Looper, the Rangers western division meltdown, the SFA lumberjack, and NBA 2k13. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone!

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