Episode 91 - Overly Attached Siri

In this episode the geeks talk about the Overly Attached Girlfriend, Texas Rangers' magic number, how annoying Jamie Grace has become, and the movie Win-Win.

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Episode 90 - Wii Darvish

In this episode the geeks are joined by Tamara from Thatgirlssite.com. Topics of discussion are TNA's pay-per-view No Surrender, Sleeping Dogs, the original Assassin's Creed, Little Big Planet on the Vita, and the movie VHS. After the break our geeky friends talk about the iPhone 5, the Wii U, Tamara's anger toward Juno, and the upcoming Fall TV lineup. Kick up your feet and join the fun of the Geeks With Color Podcast.

Break music: Madison Rayne's theme song "Killa Queen."

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Episode 89 - Chingy's Baby Mama

In this episode of GWC, the geeks are joined by stat Boy aka Pedro. They talk about Juno, the Dallas Cowboys opening week victory, KOTOR, White Knight Chronicles, and Sleeping Dogs. Later, the geeks talk about the Daniel Bryan-Kane "Hug it out," as well as things that CM Punk needs to do to be a clearer heel. All that and more in this awesome episode of the Geeks With Color Podcast

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Episode 88 - G'day Mate

In this episode Q is back after a brief stint in the hospital. The guys talk about debunking 2012 Mayan prophecies, The Expendables 2, Cop Land, Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, HHH's retirement, Indie Game: The Movie, Sam's Xbox dies, and then going to the Texas Rangers game and meeting Jim Knox.

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Episode 87 - Summer of 82

In this episode of the Geeks With Color the guys talk about what local DFW 30 for 30s they'd like to see, Lock Stock and Two Smokin' barrels. After the break the guys talk about music and movies from the summer of 1982. Come one come all to the greatest show on earth!

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Episode 86 - No Colors Allowed

In this episode Sam and Scarfinger chop it up about a bevy of topics.

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Episode 85 - Twin Cousins

In this episode the geeks talk about Pig Hunt the movie, NCAA 13, Texas Rangers thunder game, Dark Knight Rises, and the AJ Lee fiasco. Come one, come all. GWC Episode 85... now Gluten Free.

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Episode 84 - Roger Dorn Night

In this episode the geeks talk about David Stern turning heel, matching up classic NBA players to WWF wrestlers, the horrible movie Dysfunctional Friends, the Major League movie series, and the great steak sauce debate. After the break the guys talk about Twitter flaming by Gunner, Gunner, Skip Bayless, and finally Adam Sandler. Join the fun! Bartles & Jaymes.

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Email: geeksgoneraw@gmail.com

Twitter: sam - @imonahorse Q - @bomberman61

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Episode 83 - The Quest for Pizza

In this episode the geeks are joined by Tatiana King from We Nerd Hard and This Week in Blackness. The crew starts off by talking about tech stuff before transitioning into New York City rats, memes and other such tomfoolery. The conversation then turns to Smash Brothers being developed by Namco/Bandai, and how Sony is creating a rip off version. After the break the geeks review WWE's No Way Out 2012 pay-per-view.

email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Websites: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com http://www.thisweekinblackness.com/

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61 Tatiana - @tatianaking

Bartles & Jaymes everyone.

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Episode 82 - The Need for Speed

In this episode the Geeks talk about MLB 12: The Show, Top Gun, Max Payne 3, Prometheus, and TNA Slammiversary Pay-Per-View. Join us all for a jolly good time!

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61

Bartles & Jaymes.

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