Episode 81 - I Hate You Johnse

In this episode the geeks are joined by Rashanii from the Single Simulcast. They talk about the History Channel miniseries Hatfield & McCoy, Men in Black III, Gremlins 2: The New Batch NES Game, and TNA's very own hall of fame. Join the party! Join the fun! Geeks with Color Podcast, where magic and wonder are waiting for you! Bartles & Jaymese, everyone.

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com
Rashanii's Website: http://www.singlesimulcast.com

Email the show: Geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61 Rashanii - @Rashanii

Break music: Gremlins 2: The New Batch NES Office level theme music

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Episode 80 - The Metroplex is Burning

Recorded during a rolling blackout in Fort Worth, in this episode the geeks cover Deal or No Deal, Q's loss of voice, Brooke Hogan joining TNA, making Michael Irvin jokes to his niece Sandora, Jerry Lawler's racist comments, and WWE notes live from the iPad. The geeks also talk about WWE's Over the Limit Pay-Per-View. The geeks wrap up the show by talking about Ricardo Montelban and his Wrath of Khan inconsistencies.

Break music: Babyface - For the Cool in You

You can email the show at geekswithcolor@gmail.com

You can check us out at http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61

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Episode 79 - Pixel Ate It

In this episode the guys are joined by Tamara from thatgirlssite.com. They talk about TV season finales, which include How I Met Your Mother, Community, The New Girl, Person of Interest, and The Big Bang Theory. The conversation turns to video games which include Diablo 3 and Walking Dead the game. Movies covered include The Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, and God Bless America. During the break we hear audio from the Stan Lee Q&A meet up at Whataburger, and then some music. After the break the geeks talk about Tamara's movie project, more of Q's Greatest Games Never Played, and then wrap up with some obligatory Tamara food talk. In the last few minutes the Gunstringer drawing happens, and the winner is named.

You can email the show at geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Website is http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Tamara's website is: http://www.thatgirlssite.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61 @Videogamegirl

Stan Lee Q&A podcast can be found on Henry Knox's website: http://www.knoxbroadcast.com

Break music: 2Pac - My Block, OuTKast - Jazzy Belle

Bartles & Jaymes everyone!

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Episode 78 - Show about Nothing

In this, episode 78.5 after a recording snafu, the geeks just sit around chat about stuff. Topics include sports banquets, being the AV guy for the football team, and college life. After the break the fellas are joined by Frank Daniel. Topics turn to TV season finales, The Big Bang Theory, and The IT Crowd. Join us all for the fun!

Show email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Website: geeksgoneraw.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse, Quint - @bomberman61, Frank - @Frankenroc

Break music: Aaron Hall - Don't Be Afraid

Be sure to tweet to us "I WANT GUNSTRINGER" for your chance to win Gunstringer for Xbox 360 Kinect.

Bartles & Jaymes

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Episode 77 - Scott Blakula

In this episode, our heroes start off talking about the bad Sonic In-Dash commercials, A Different World, and Jalen Rose's career comeback. The guys then talk about Yu Darvish's letter grade, Q's greatest games never played, Pretty in Pink, and Ivan Rodriguez's retirement. The show ends with the Deion Sanders fiasco, Prime Prep, MLB 2K 12 talk, going over a Grantland article on NBA/WWE counterparts, and Extreme Rules predictions.

Correction: Sam's favorite Suicide Girl is Sash, not Ash. There is a difference!

Break Music: OMD - If You Leave

Email the show: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61 @theprophet209

Be sure to tweet "I WANT GUNSTRINGER!" for your chance to win the game on an upcoming episode.

Bartles & Jaymes

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Episode 76 - The Nap Connoisseur

In this episode Sam and Quint talk about how bad the movie The Double is, 21 Jump Street, and Whatachicken Bites. After the break the guys go in on Enemy of the State, before Q goes on a rant about gamers that complain about everything. The show wraps up with the fellas discussing Lord Tensai, and how the age old tradition of wrestlers changing characters after a long absence no longer holds any water with today's internet smarks. Catch all that on this week's episode of Geeks With Color!

website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse and @bomberman61

Tweet the phrase "I want Gunstringer!" to be entered in a contest for a free copy of Gunstringer for Xbox 360 Kinect

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Episode 75 - Fez is a Shriner

In this episode the Geeks talk Mass Effect 3 complainers, The 86 Amazin' Mets, John Carter of Mars, Fez, MLB 2K12, and the Cena vs Lesnar feud. Join the insanity!

Email the show: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61

Be sure to tweet us "I want gunstringer!" to win a copy of Gunstringer for Xbox 360 Kinect.

Break Music: "Adventure" from the Fez soundtrack.

Closing Music: "Still Alive" by GLaDOS from The Orange Box soundtrack.

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Episode 74 - All 10 of Them Digits

In this episode Q is M.I.A. To counter that Samuel has brought on Samantha, the community manager at Talkingaboutgames.com They discuss Gears of War 3, XBLA arcade games, Mass Effect, Lego Harry Potter, Twitter followers, and the Assassin's Creed universe. Small technical issues were abound, but they were fixable.

Contact the show @ geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Samantha's website: http://www.mommyhood-unlocked.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @pwncess074

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Episode 73 - Nolan Ryan's Boomstick

In this episode the geeks talk about Yokozuna going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Cosby vs The Cosby Show, Troy Aikman cosigning on Tony Romo, Ready Player One, the 26 dollar Boomstick hot dog at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and MLB The Show: 12.

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Episode 71 - Tours with Tamara

In this episode of the Geeks With Color Podcast, the guys are joined by Tamara from thatgirlssite.com. The crew talks about Mass Effect 3, Sega Dreamcast hauls, TV shows including How I Met Your Mother, The New Girl, and Luther. The show wraps up with general food talk the way it's done whenever Tamara visits. Also, Tweet the fellas for your chance to win a brand new copy of Gunstringer for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Tweet I WANT GUNSTRINGER to either @imonahorse or @bomberman61.

Tamara's website = http://www.thatgirlssite.com
GGR website = http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Break music: Anomie Bell - How Can I Be Sure (From the Alan Wake Soundtrack)

Email the show: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61 @Videogamegirl

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