In this episode Sam and Quint discuss the lost art of planking. Also, we touch on Quint's four new games as well as X-Men: First Class and Goldeneye for the Wii. We then round it up with some good ol' fashion rasslin' talk where we rant about why TNA still sucks, and general WWE tomfoolery.

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Macho Man tribute
Q’s 5.50 Bin
L.A. Noire
WWE Over The Limit preview show

Direct download: Episode_51_-_The_Mildly_Moderate_Episode.mp3
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Batman: Arkham Asylum
Gears of War 3 Beta
Bass Routen Street Defense video
Learning the Ropes
Green Lantern rant
Having drinks with the Empire
The Sony defense force
The Losers
TNA Sacrifice
WWE in general
Ring of Honor needs a new home

Twitter: @SamuelColunga @bomberman61

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GGR Facebook page:

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In this episode the fellas discuss Shockmaster, NBA 2K11 for the final time, Sonic Adventure, video games that feed you to the lions, Assassin's Creed in the Age of Enlightenment, Earthbound, Die Hard: Vendetta, Clockwork Knights, Atlas Shrugged, and Virtuosity. Also we ask why does Sam keep watching TNA Wrestling? Rob Van Dam and his theme songs are also discussed. As well as the silliness that was Motorhead. Then the guys ask the question of Art Bell and his mysterious Asian wives. Then they round out with crazy 90s videos and the dance number interludes. Finally, a top 10 list of things Sony could do to make up for the PSN outage.

Opening theme: Negrosaki does 8-Bit by Negrosaki
Break theme: Salsa Dance from Clockwork Knights
Closing theme: I Need You Tonight by INXS

You can reach the Geeks With Color via Twitter

Or you can email the show at:

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In this episode, Sam and Quint are joined by Henry Knox from the Geeks FTW podcast to discuss the WWE Draft, R. Truth, Scream 4, Can't Hardly Wait, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, The XBLA mega Sega sale, the Gears of War 3 multi-player beta, Q's rant about online dating sites and the people on them, and the New Edition breakup, reunion, breakup, and re-reunion. You can email the show at

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Henry Knox        - @KNOXbroadcast

Intro Music: Negrosaki does 8-bit by Negrosaki
Break Music: Round 1 Part 1 (Go Straight) from the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack
Outro Music: Through the Fire by Chaka Khan

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In this episode the guys talk about Tough Enough, Jesus Cena, Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon, Q's 15 days of hell, Favorite Marvel Comics character not yet made into a movie, and an assortment of other topics. Join us for the fun!

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In this episode of Geeks with Color, Sam and Quint talk about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song, Stone Cold Steve Austin crashing Monday Night Raw, Tammy Lynn Sytch being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Dragon Age II, and a plethora of other mini topics. Also, Tamara from drops in with a little something from Pax East.

Opening theme: Negrosaki does 8-bit
Closing theme: Exposé - Seasons Change

You can contact Sam & Quint via Twitter: @imonahorse and @bomberman61 respectively. Or you can also email the show:

Bartles & Jaymes.

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Episode 43 - Don't Give Up

In this episode Sam & Quint are joined by the newest member of the Geeks FTW podcast, Mr. Henry Knox. We discuss the classic Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell match at the 1998 King of the Ring, and the impression it had on us, and also whether or not it's still relevant to this day. After that we get into some general wrestling chatter, and then we take it to some Marvel vs Capcom 3 talk, as well as Knox telling us about his love for JRPGs and how Japan needs to get it together gaming wise.

Break music is "Candice" by Prosthetik Intelligentz. You can find them on their tumblr page:


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Episode 42 - The Snow Cast

In this episode Sam is snowed in and Q is snowed out. The fellas talk about Sam's strange habit of actually wanting to watch the movie on a date, Q choking on cheese sticks, the directorial debut of one of Sam's co-workers, rolling blackouts and the rapture, the Royal Rumble, and the games of 2011 that Sam and Q are looking forward to the most. Oh, and the complete awesomeness that is... La Parka Punch.

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Episode 41 - Kentucky Fried Chocobo

In this episode the guys discuss Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fable and Rock Band 3, The NFL Conference Finals, and some mindless babbling. Later they are joined by friend of the podcast Frank Daniel. They touch on a myriad of topics including Bob's Burgers, Five Guys, and they touch on some Simpsons knowledge. All this and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chocobo!

Opening Music: Negrosaki - Does 8 Bit
Break Music: Akua Naru - The Backflip
Closing Music: Trent Reznor - In Motion


Direct download: Episode_41_-_Kentucky_Fried_Chocobo.mp3
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