Episode 40 - Ass Rabbits Riding Chickens

DC Universe
Q's technology battle
A little sports talk
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Jason Statham and British actors using American accents
More Harry Hines hookers
The man with the million dollar voice
Black Swan
Real Basketball Bad Girls Hookers Club
Downloadable games
Tony Riali the Stat Boy
Sherry says something utterly disturbing
The Color Purple on Blu-Ray

Opening music: Kanye West - Good Life
Break music: Nick Cave - There is a light
Closing music: Cee lo Green - Fuck You!

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Episode 39 - The James & John Show

Our final episode of 2010. Today we talk about Ninja Assassin, or best and worst of 2010, and a little bit of Dallas Cowboys talk. Also, there will be tangents aplenty. And for the record, Q says that he will do the Alex Wright dance if he achieves all of his goals for 2011. Opening music is Malayisha by Miriam Makeba. Break music is Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals. Closing music is Sussudio by Phil Collins.

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GWC - The Black Hand Side, Vol. 2

Scarfinger, myself, The Prophet 209, and Danny Night. Nuff said.

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Episode 34 - The 5.50 Bin

In this episode the geeks are joined by their old friend Scarfinger. And you already know how that can go. I don't even need a description here! You already know! 

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Episode 32 - Oh, Hai Podcast

In this episode we talk about a slew of things including Machete, Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, Halo: Reach, Takers. The first twenty minutes we have a guest, THE xxAceBlackxx from Xbox Live. Later, we are joined by Frank Daniel and we delve into some talk about Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, The Room. Join us!  

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GWC Special Edition - The Finger Salute

On this very special edition of Geeks With Color, Sam has a one on one conversation with the wife of GWC's most outspoken brother, Scarfinger. Join us as we discuss outdated school disciplines, early 90s music and movies that depress us all. Fun for the entire family!

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In this episode, the 3 Amigos discuss a little '70s Soul Train, some random wrestling talk, Cake Boss and reality TV in general. We then move on to talking about Rocky IV before Sam jumps into a diatribe about Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Mark wraps up the show with his take on Assassin's Creed 2, Mafia II and Infamous. Opening music is "Mighty Mighty" by Earth Wind & Fire. Closing music is "Days of our Livez" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

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Episode 30 - Great Scott!!

In this episode, the guys are joined by Mark Scott, from the Ramble On Podcast. We talk a little Dragon Age 2, Kane & Lynch 2 demo, Batman Returns, and The Expendables. We also try to convince Mark to watch The Room, and then try and talk him out of watching Trois'. Opening song is "Seven" by Sunny Day Real Estate, closing song is "Victory" by Puff Dadd and The Family. Exit commercial is a Band-Aid commercial from 1986. Thank you for your support.

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In this episode, Sam and Quint talk some Lebron James and Dan Gilbert beef, more of Q's weird road stories, Wrestlemania: The Album, and the problem with The Last Airbender. Break music is from the NES Die Hard game. We then go into a bit of world history and colonization! We also answer some Formspring questions! Sam also talks about stalking Amber Fox on Twitter, while Ashanti Blaize breathes a sigh of relief because he is no longer stalking her. Thanks for listening! 


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Episode 28 - Way Down in the Hole

In this episode, Sam and Mark talk a little NBA, Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Then they are joined by our friend, Big Pimpin' aka Harold. We talk about The Wire season 3. Spoilers abound! And that's all for this week. Break music is from the Sega Genesis Ghostbusters game. 

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