Episode 18 - Carcasm

In this quickie incomplete episode, Sam makes a return from the comfy confines of an automobile. He is joined by Scarfinger, while Q is M.I.A. out in the sticks. We talk about Lean on Me, 21 Jump Street, and a plethora of other quick topics. Again, this episode was incomplete thanks to some shoddy internet on both ends. Thank you for your patronage. Leave us an iTunes review. 

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Do The Kimbo!

During a pre-show chat, the guys sit around and start watching some UFC. Kimbo Slice shows up and the rest is history. Enjoy.

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Episode 17 - Happy Trails

In this, the final Geeks With Color episodes before Sam takes a hiatus, the fellas discuss creepy arcade machines, getting whooped in football video games, classic dorm stories, unsanitary beer pong, Jim Jackson the security guard, and Amber Fox gnawing on T-shirts. We close the show with Sam giving his farewell shoutouts, which could possibly be the longest list of shouts outs of all time. And also, we retire our theme song, "Blues Downtown" by Nicole Willis.

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episode 16 - Laptops and Mozzarella Sticks

In this episode the testosterone levels are up since there is a woman present. Tamara aka That Girl, from thatgirlssite.com. We talk some Final Fantasy 13, Heavy Rain, visiting Japan, Sam's non video game playing ass, and the eventual devolution into "ask a New Yorker." The episode rounds out with a long discussion about food. Yes, Geeks With Color turns into Foodies With Color in this edition. Also, listen for the almost first ever fist fight on the show. Again, you can thank our guest for bring our testosterone levels up.

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Episode 15 - A Bag of Chicken and a Bullet

In this week's episode, the fellas discuss songs from high school, Q not knowing who Ron Hightower is, complaining about the skateboarding kids in high school, the end of the olympics, Q's Mass Effect addiction, Ol' Dirty Bastard, lopsided sports trades, PBS drives and a brief discussion about one of the greatest mp3 disses of all time!

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GWC Celebrity Edition Vol. 1: Shit Just Got Real

In this impromptu episode of the Geeks With Color podcast Sam brings in a special celebrity guest: Christopher Snider from the Post Game Report and Just Talking podcasts. We discuss Mario Kart memories, ways to avoid the Beltway Sniper, products on store shelves trying to do too much, Chris' lack of knowledge on the one drop rule, as well as Playstation 1 woes. We also touch on other topics such as the ninja turtles movies, looking back on old articles and wondering WTF, and juggling five different personalities on a podcast. Join us! Also, an autograph session will follow the show. No pictures, please!

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Episode 14 - The Late Late Show

In this episode, with an absent Q, Sam goes all Tom Snyder on this late night conversation with Scarfinger. Originally recorded on Valentine's Day, we take a closer look at the personal lives of these two orators. Sam and Scar chop it up about teenage angst, podcasting, ranting on Fed Ex, (fuck fed ex). Then Scar asks a very important question: why does Sam play so much Saints Row 2? Scarfinger talks about watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on LOGO. Also, Sam takes us back to 2001 when he made an alleged goat fucker cry. All this and more on episode 14: The Late Late Show.

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Episode 13 - Mass Effect Pimpin'

In this episode Bluemanrule and Vic Joe from Open Forum Radio join the fellas for some good times. Topics of discussion are: Mass Effect, RPG's, the 3D revolution, memories of the Dreamcast and a good old fashion chat about the PS3 and its lack of backward compatibility. So sit a spell, grab some of that vodka and listen to the Open Forum Geeks With Color mashup! Oh, and stay after the credits because we have a special treat for you.

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Episode 12 - 100lbs of Food

In this backlogged episode, the fellas talk about Oregon Trail, Bret Hart's return to the WWE, disturbing late night TV commercials from the late '90s and early '00s. Also, Q describes his love of Bangkok Dangerous, Hulk Hogan's return to wrestling and thoughts on Dennis Stamp. Enjoy. Ending bumper is from the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack.

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Episode 11 - Trois'-Light

In yet another of our backlogged adventures, we here at Geeks With Color would like to apologize beforehand for our ranting and raving about a 10 year old movie that 5 people saw in theaters and has become a ghetto cult classic. Yes, friends, in this episode we talk about the movie that Gary Dourdan would like you to forget, as well as the movie that was the highlight of Kenya Moore's acting career....Trois'!


Again...we're sorry.

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