Hulk Hogan and the Geeksiders Episode 7. Sam and Quint return for another glorious episode of the Geeks With Color podcast. This time the dynamic duo talk about Assassins Creed 2, Chrono Trigger DS, Sam's wine snobbery, google ads and they cap it all off with a lil' rasslin' talk. Enjoy! Note: No GWC Podcast next week, instead we will run another CSI Trilogy episode.
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CSI Trilogy Pt. 1: We Reserve The Right While on staycation Sam decided to record a little something called the CSI Trilogy, inspired by the recent CBS three night crossover. The first in this three part debacle is a little trip down memory lane with JVB and Heroic Superman from the ever popular Post Game Report. We talk about old school hip hop, the Bronx in the '80s, arcades and dollar movie calamities. join us! Or get laughed at like JVB and me for wearing Jilas, Pebok Chumps and Johnny HillFinger.
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This Podcast Had To Happen!! Things get hectic around the GWC offices as Sam & Quint form like Devastator to bring you this episode. In this episode we discuss a lil' MW2 midnight launch, Marvel v.s. Capcom 2, high school athletics and we even try to get into some Star Trek movie discussion before we devolved into the mother of all tangents, a little movie called "Rappin'," and yes, it had to happen! Also, listen for Q's exclusive interview with the MW2 kid. (Bartles & Jaymes)
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Just Like That! Q makes a triumphant return as he lets off some steam about Star Ocean and Tekken 6. Sam shares his Madden ambulance glee..(oh no, there's a man down!) Then the fellas discuss Modern Warfare 2 and Infinity Ward hitting the reset button on launch day, as well as some southern blues chatter, bullshit high school classes, WWE pay per views and what Rey Mysterio sounds like getting launched into a trailer! Let the hilarity ensue! Also listen for a snippet of Q's chopped & screwed debut as he shows off his remix skills using Ric Flair as his guinea pig. Email the show at and leave us an iTunes review! Stay frosty!
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Q-Less John Delancie, I mean Q, could not join us for this episode so instead we picked up Soldier X from the Postgame Report and Scarfinger off the streets. They join us for a quick roundtable discussion on their history with video games starting with arcades and going all the way up to the Dreamcast era. Song of the week is "Atari" by Tahiti featuring Dj Headkrack. You can email the show Leave us an iTunes review. Help spread the word. Tell em Large Marge sent ya!
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A GWC Halloween! It's Halloween everyone! Time for you ghouls and gals to have a seat and reminisce with the GWC guys about past Halloweens, candy and favorite horror movies. Oh, and don't forget our random tangent. Boo! (That was meant to scare you, not show my disapproval) You can email the show at Leave us an iTunes review! Bartles & Jaymes!
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Paul Jackson and the Cosplay Cleavage Roundup Thanks to a recording snafu the mighty Quint sounds like T-Pain. However the show must go on! In this episode we discuss BET, emotional video game deaths, books we gave up on, school memories, and cosplay cleavage! Leave us an iTunes review or email us at Bartles & Jaymes!
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Electric Plants at Whataburger Sam and Quint bumble and stumble through their first podcast, hoping not to offend the pod gods as they discuss Q being kidnapped, a brief NFL recap, Sega, Nintendo, home decorations: video game style, Jada-Emfire, The SNK Boss Syndrome and The Wrestler. We thank you for listening. Take my wife, please! I take my wife everywhere but she finds her way home! Leave a review on iTunes. Deuces!
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