SES: Episode 2 - Plenty Left in the Tank

In this episode Sam and Addam talk about Mark Henry's retirement, the return of the McMahon family, Kaitlyn vs AJ, Payback 2013, Chris Benoit, and people who still pine for the Attitude era. Join us for the fun! 

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Wrestlemania 29 Extravaganza!

In this episode the Geeks are joined by Saturday Evening Slam co-host Addam Kearney. They talk about Wrestlemania 29, TNA iMPACT, the Raw after Mania, and some other wrestling related things. Join the gang for all the Wrestlemania fun!

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Saturday Evening Slam - Pilot Episode

In this pilot episode of Saturday Evening Slam, Sam talks with Addam about his Wrestlemania predictions and a myriad of other topics wrestling related. Join us, please!

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Episode 102 - Return of the Scar

In this episode Sam is joined by the one and only Scarfinger. They talk about stuff and things.

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Episode 101 - Palindrome

In this return episode the geeks have new music and a new logo thanks to Enrique Rodriguez. Sam talks about going to musicals, live wrestling shows, and other stuff. Q talks about his wall of shame, and the fact that TNA Wrestling needs to re-sign Bobby Roode. All this and much more, this week on the Geeks With Color. Also, a special mention of the passing of Paul Bearer.

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Episode 100

In this episode the geeks discuss Royal Rumble predictions, Oliver Platt's illustrious career, the Te'o debacle, Tazz turns heel, watching porn in front of other people, and Q's imaginary snow storm. Join us for the fun of episode 100!

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Episode 99 - Documentaries about Anything

In this episode, Samuel is joined by Tamara from They talk about a bevy of topics including How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock vs Elementary, Escaping Hurricane Sandy, and Breaking Bad season 5. Join us for the fun! 

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Episode 98 - Crispy Cow

In this episode Sam and Quint talk about how to not be an internet smark, will killing used games lead to the second gaming apocalypse, and a bevy of other topics. Join us!

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Q - @bomberman61

Outro music - Out of this World theme song

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Of The Year Episode 2012

In this episode Sam & Quint give their Of The Years from 2012. Join the fun!

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GWC Christmas Episode 2012

In this episode Sam is riding solo. He talks about Christmas movies, music, and moments in Christmas wrestling. 

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