Episode 87 - Summer of 82

In this episode of the Geeks With Color the guys talk about what local DFW 30 for 30s they'd like to see, Lock Stock and Two Smokin' barrels. After the break the guys talk about music and movies from the summer of 1982. Come one come all to the greatest show on earth!

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Episode 86 - No Colors Allowed

In this episode Sam and Scarfinger chop it up about a bevy of topics.

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Episode 85 - Twin Cousins

In this episode the geeks talk about Pig Hunt the movie, NCAA 13, Texas Rangers thunder game, Dark Knight Rises, and the AJ Lee fiasco. Come one, come all. GWC Episode 85... now Gluten Free.

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4th of July Edition

Join Sam and Q for this 4th of July spectacular! Topics include They Live, DFW sports depression, Amazing Spider-Man, and the AJ Lee saga. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone!

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Episode 84 - Roger Dorn Night

In this episode the geeks talk about David Stern turning heel, matching up classic NBA players to WWF wrestlers, the horrible movie Dysfunctional Friends, the Major League movie series, and the great steak sauce debate. After the break the guys talk about Twitter flaming by Gunner, Gunner, Skip Bayless, and finally Adam Sandler. Join the fun! Bartles & Jaymes.

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Email: geeksgoneraw@gmail.com

Twitter: sam - @imonahorse Q - @bomberman61

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Episode 83 - The Quest for Pizza

In this episode the geeks are joined by Tatiana King from We Nerd Hard and This Week in Blackness. The crew starts off by talking about tech stuff before transitioning into New York City rats, memes and other such tomfoolery. The conversation then turns to Smash Brothers being developed by Namco/Bandai, and how Sony is creating a rip off version. After the break the geeks review WWE's No Way Out 2012 pay-per-view.

email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Websites: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com http://www.thisweekinblackness.com/

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61 Tatiana - @tatianaking

Bartles & Jaymes everyone.

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Episode 82 - The Need for Speed

In this episode the Geeks talk about MLB 12: The Show, Top Gun, Max Payne 3, Prometheus, and TNA Slammiversary Pay-Per-View. Join us all for a jolly good time!

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Email: geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61

Bartles & Jaymes.

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Episode 81 - I Hate You Johnse

In this episode the geeks are joined by Rashanii from the Single Simulcast. They talk about the History Channel miniseries Hatfield & McCoy, Men in Black III, Gremlins 2: The New Batch NES Game, and TNA's very own hall of fame. Join the party! Join the fun! Geeks with Color Podcast, where magic and wonder are waiting for you! Bartles & Jaymese, everyone.

Website: http://www.geeksgoneraw.com
Rashanii's Website: http://www.singlesimulcast.com

Email the show: Geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61 Rashanii - @Rashanii

Break music: Gremlins 2: The New Batch NES Office level theme music

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Episode 80 - The Metroplex is Burning

Recorded during a rolling blackout in Fort Worth, in this episode the geeks cover Deal or No Deal, Q's loss of voice, Brooke Hogan joining TNA, making Michael Irvin jokes to his niece Sandora, Jerry Lawler's racist comments, and WWE notes live from the iPad. The geeks also talk about WWE's Over the Limit Pay-Per-View. The geeks wrap up the show by talking about Ricardo Montelban and his Wrath of Khan inconsistencies.

Break music: Babyface - For the Cool in You

You can email the show at geekswithcolor@gmail.com

You can check us out at http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Twitter: Sam - @imonahorse Quint - @bomberman61

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Episode 79 - Pixel Ate It

In this episode the guys are joined by Tamara from thatgirlssite.com. They talk about TV season finales, which include How I Met Your Mother, Community, The New Girl, Person of Interest, and The Big Bang Theory. The conversation turns to video games which include Diablo 3 and Walking Dead the game. Movies covered include The Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, and God Bless America. During the break we hear audio from the Stan Lee Q&A meet up at Whataburger, and then some music. After the break the geeks talk about Tamara's movie project, more of Q's Greatest Games Never Played, and then wrap up with some obligatory Tamara food talk. In the last few minutes the Gunstringer drawing happens, and the winner is named.

You can email the show at geekswithcolor@gmail.com

Website is http://www.geeksgoneraw.com

Tamara's website is: http://www.thatgirlssite.com

Twitter: @imonahorse @bomberman61 @Videogamegirl

Stan Lee Q&A podcast can be found on Henry Knox's website: http://www.knoxbroadcast.com

Break music: 2Pac - My Block, OuTKast - Jazzy Belle

Bartles & Jaymes everyone!

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